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12 Nov, 2010: Glendale, AZ
Clayborn Press has announced that earlier this week they have experienced a change in their leadership team. Jennifer Clayborn, who had been acting as the Author Relations Manager, has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Operations and Author Relations. Her responsibilities include working with new authors to complete their paperwork, walking them through the process, reviewing submissions, working with the art and editing teams and ensuring that everything transitions smoothly and is completed on a timely fashion. Further changes to their management team include Jennifer Muraca, who was formerly a Senior Executive Assistant. Mrs. Muraca will now be serving in the post of Vice President of Sales and Marketing. She will be responsible for developing marketing strategies for the books, conducting author interviews, issuing press releases, managing the company's many social network pages, and scheduling special events, parties and book signings. 
Clayborn Press is working hard to release another 6 books before the end of the year this year. The first two books, Undine Heart and Allure of the Mask are both expected to be available by Wednesday, Nov 16th. Undine Heart is a new book from author R.L. Spidell and will be released in ebook format. Allure of the Mask is also by R.L. Spidell and is currently available as a paperback book, but it will be re-released as an ebook.

ALLURE OF THE MASK by: Ren Spidell
We are seeking methods to further promote this amazing book!  If you know of a festival or convention that would be interested in having Ren or a representative appear, please let us know.

Coming soon from Clayborn Press!

1. Clayborn's Beginner's Guide to Motorcycles by: Johnathan Clayborn
2. Clayborn's Beginner's Guide to Apartments by: Johnathan Clayborn
3. Blackstrap's ecstasy by: J.J.M. Czep
4. Visual Math Basics by: James Barber
5. Hush, Little Baby by: Kaydee Thompson
6. Undine Heart by: Ren Spidell
7. Clayborn's Beginner's Guide to Firearms by: John Clayborn


Try Googling Clayborn Press to see all of the exciting places we pop up!  Authors as far away as New York City have solicited Clayborn Press with manuscripts.


Clayborn Press is seeking investors and fundraising opportunities.  If you know anyone willing to invest in this blossoming business or have ideas and venues that would assist Clayborn Press in fundraising let us know!

Second Quarter Update

Much is happening in the world of small publishing and Clayborn Press!


Clayborn press signed a second editor to assist in the work load created by the blessing of six signed authors.  Authors including; Johnathan Clayborn, Jennifer Clayborn, J.J.M. Czep, Ren Spidell, James Barber, and David E. Jacobs y Padilla. 


Speaking on authors, we are negotiating with several, including; Cynthia Stanek, Derek Thompson, Tymothy Fitzgerald, Richard Helms, Kenneth Onyeabor. Check <a href="http://www.claybornpress.com"> Claybornpress.com</a> for updates and changes in the coming weeks.  Our new web designer shows much promise! 


Have you bought your copy of Allure of the Mask by R L Spidell yet?  Get over to Barnes & Noble (http://search.barnesandnoble.com/The-Allure-of-the-Mask/Ren-L-Spidell/e/9780615374338/?itm=1&USRI=Allure+of+the+Mask) or Amazon.com(http://www.amazon.com/Allure-Mask-R-L-Spidell/dp/0615374336/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1276542314&sr=8-1)! 


Also, look for these titles coming very soon!


Visual Math Basics by James Barber
A visual guide to learning mathematics.


Blackstrap's Ecstasy by: J.J.M. Czep

First in a series of pirate novels based on characters of The Arizona Corsairs.


Beginner's Guide to Motorcycles by: Johnathan Clayborn

A practical guide to getting started with motorcycles


Beginner's Guide to Apartments by: Johnathan Clayborn

A practical guide to moving into and renting an apartment


For those of you interested following industry news, the recent Book Expo of America (BEA) convention in New York reiterated what professionals said for more than a year: e-Books are on the rise. Back when we founded our company, e-book sales increased 300% over the last two years (2006-2008). That trend has continued though 2009 and this year. Are e-books lucrative? Sure, they have a lower price point, and available immediately for compulsive shoppers with low prices that immediately translate into sales.


Here's a current breakdown of the e-book scene as it is right now:

5 Million iPads are expected to sell by year's end. This comes equipped with "iBooks", apple's e-reader.

3 Million Kindles sell every year. Kindle is Amazon's proprietary e-reader and is the most successful this far.

1 Million Nooks sell every year. Nook is the Barnes & Noble e-reader and is largely successful.

1 Million other e-readers. All other e-readers from all other manufacturers fall into this category:


That's 10 Million devices capable of reading ebooks. Even if initial market penetration is only 1/2 of 1%, that still translates to roughly 50,000 customers. But there's more:


Borders announced release of "Kobo" this year (it's version on a e-reader), anticipating 1 Million units.

Apple announced a new version of the iPhone, 4G, available this summer. Like Kindle, iPhone 4G will have a built in iBook reader. Roughly 50 Million iPhones sold in FY '09.Amazon is also releasing a software app version of Kindle. The cost? Free! This app version of Kindle is available for Blackberry (21 Million units), PC and MAC (which constitute approximately 1 Billion units, with 250 Million sold each year), iPad (which can have both iBooks and Kindle), and soon-to-be-released version for Andriod smart phone Operating System Amazon also recently began hiring engineers and software developers to redsign Kindle to do battle with Apple's iPad. Needless to say, the potential for large sales volume definitely exists.  We at Clayborn Press will have a fully operational e-Book program running by the end of summer.



Allure of the Mask Released!
Allure of the Mask by Ren L. Spidell

Arjun Kumar, a vampire bored with his immortality, is about to embark on the biggest journey of his long life. Enthralled by a beautiful, mysterious voice, he becomes enchanted by a woman whose face he has never seen. After a chance encounter with his mystery lady, his heart is set ablaze before she disappears again, leaving him longing for more. Arjun must set off on a journey that will take him across the oceans in pursuit of this enticing beauty who has consumed his thoughts and captured his heart. But before they can live out their happily ever after, Arjun must first battle his lady's corrupt and evil husband in a fight to the death duel that will end quite unexpectedly in a way that Arjun could never have imagined.

Allure of the Mask is Clayborn Press's first of many of Ren L. Spidell's works. 

Available now at Barnes and Noble! (On Sale too!). Although I should point out that the book is paperback, not hardcover as the product info claims.